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March 13, 2007



So, here's a secret. One of the reasons I rarely send my poetry out for submission is that it easier for me to internally tell myself what a great writer I am than it is to run the risk of celebration -- or rejection. I am constantly amazed and a bit embarrassed by people who do good, creative work and aren't afraid to celebrate it with others.

I try to chalk my reluctance up in the usual ways -- I know I'm a good writer, and don't need the affirmation of others; I'm lazy; I procrastinate and miss the deadlines; I'd rather watch "Star Trek." Between your post and Jim's, which I read last week, I wonder if I ought to pay more attention to the real reasons I keep getting in the way of my own success.

That all said, putting your own jewelry out into the world -- win, lose or draw -- is so huge and exciting! Keep it up...


We internal attributors have our share of doubts and fears, don't we? I think it is fantastic that you even entered. Remember that you don't need the approval of others to gain satisfaction from your creative endeavors.


check out this artist's work -- personally i love it, but guess which big craft show rejected her? and guess how many shops in brooklyn, los angeles, etc are carrying her goods (i'll give you a hint, plenty and the list is growing)...rejection smarts especially when it is subjective judgment we're talking about -- that being said, here's that link -->


Oh, yes the list of great artists who've been rejected loads of times is huge -- in fact my friend was planning to write a whole book on the subject! But her proposal was rejected (true!). Hahahahhhahaaaaaa!

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