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May 19, 2008



hurray! i'm glad you are updating here. phil and i can't wait to see the wee thea. we're bringing dinner next week, and could not be more excited!
xoxo, sarah

Beth (bLemon)

We used cloth for the first time yesterday too. We liked the Pampers from the hospital so used them until we were out and switched to our stash of 7th Generation as well. The 7th Gen. diapers were just way too big for her and were leaving elastic marks on her skinny legs so I broke down and bought another bag of the Pampers. Breastfeeding was such a challenge and I was in tears so much of the time with that we decided that one new skill at a time was more on our level.

We ran out of the second bag of Pampers and just couldn't bear to spend more money on diapers when we had the cloth.

I have some newborn size prefolds and covers and we'll be using them until she fits into the size small fitteds. We have some infant prefolds as well and they are huge so we're holding off on them until she gets a little bigger.

So far, the cloth is working really well for us. I think you may have a supersoaker on your hands as we change every two hours before a feed (sounds like we have an animal) and we're fine with no leaks. Sometimes she'll start crying and we do an additional change. It depends on how much she's eaten really.

You might want to take the soakers out of your pocket diapers and line your prefolds with them. That will help with your extra wetness.

We washed a load this morning and it was fine. I didn't have to rinse anything in the toilet -- I just put it all in the wash on a hot wash/cold rinse cycle and then popped them in the dryer. It did take two cycles to get them dry so I'll be happy when we can hang them out on the clothesline.

OK. Longest comment ever. I should make it a blog post myself since I did take some cute photos of Zadie in her diaper on the changing table...

catherine illian

two things about the diapers--

try putting an extra diaper in there-- she may just need more-- see if they have hemp-- it is very absorbent-- also

with any of the cloth diapers-- make sure that none of the cloth diaper part is peeking out of the cover-- even a tiny sliver will cause a major leak--

was the cloth part totally soaked--like sopping wet? if not, the diaper was probably leaking-- and making sure the diaper is within the cover will help--

call me or email if you have more questions--
ps-- the above problem is why we love love love the bumgenius-- it wicks the water away from them so well..



We put Lily in a disposable only at night or if we are going to be gone for an extended period of time with no quick changing places. But cloth diapering will be easier once she grows into the ones you purchased.

Lily gets changed about once an hour and she is 1 now. Makes it easier to potty train (since we started a few weeks ago). And doing the laundry will be a piece of cake, you just have to get into the habit.

Can't wait to hear more about your first with Thea!!


We're planning on using the service, too, so I'd love to hear more about your experience. Plus, I still haven't met your little nugget yet... Let's get together soon!


Babies can go every 20 minutes or more frequently. When using prefolds you will have to do more regular changes than with a paper diaper.

We found that using a Snappi with a cover was the best option for us and we didn't have too many blowouts. Even when there was a lot of poo it would stay in the cover with the Snappi but might leak without it.

As the PP mentioned, you also make sure that no diaper bits are sticking out or else the pee can wick out. You might want to put a towel under the mattress pad to help protect it.

I hope your diapering is going well. Now you need to try pottying her!

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