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June 16, 2008



i love it. i love the pics! and i very much like your 'new' site. new to me, at least.
yep, how lucky are we?? man, i hope my story turns out the same.


you know, everytime i think of the name of your blog, i start singing, to myself, "freezeframe!" hee, hee.


I have been lurking on your site for sometime. I have suffered two miscarriages so it is healing to read that you aren't the only one. After being told that my uterus isn't "sticky", my embryos won't stick to my uterine wall, we decided to adopt. We now have our little angel, Hannah Grace. I'm so happy for you and your family.


so beautiful!


So touching!


What a wonderful state of mind to be in, and perhaps even more importantly to be aware of. :)

We're so very happy for ALL of you!

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