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June 17, 2008



Oh my, that's one you are going to be telling for years to come! Sure made me chuckle...

I often laugh when I read your posts. Although not funny for you at the time, your post about locking Thea in the bedroom made me laugh out loud. I too locked Rowan in once, only it was in my car in the parking lot of Whole Foods in Austin, TX (thankfully NOT in the dead of summer) and at nine months or so she was old enough to know by my face that something was very, very wrong. Frantic call to Tina at work in the ICU, who called 911 and also dispatched her nurse's aid Bill with her set of keys, stood miserably waiting what was surely HOURS beside the car with Tina on the phone, sobbing. Bill and the fire truck showed up at the same time, sent firefighters on their way in deep embarrassment, grabbed Ro (who had been crying the whole time strapped into her carseat), and collapsed sobbing into Bill's very understanding arms. What a fiasco! I can laugh about it now, usually... Ha ha.

I'm so glad for you that life is brighter these days. I just came back from visiting my dear friend Liz in Chapel Hill, NC, who had her third son on May 12. She too had a Moby wrap and I snuggled that little guy in a few times and was awed by how quickly it settled him down when nothing else would. I used a sling with Ro ten years (!!!) ago but will def get a Moby for the next one (hoping and praying for that joy again).



hee hee! This brought a big smile to my face today! Keep up the good work! I know it can be hard living in the moment and trying to think all positive thoughts...but with time and practice I know it will be more second nature. I'm thinking all good things for you!


Oh my, how scandalous!

catherine illian

well-- I can't say that I have done that-- but I have left my wallet more places than I care to admit-- it is nice to know that others are forgetful too..


LOL! shut UP! you did not! that is hilarious. there are SO many puns I am holding back right now!!!


oh, yes, it's true. just one swapped number and i ended up with a breathy operator. i was stunned. but it did give me a good laugh.


that is hilarious! totally easy to mis-dial the phone while holding such a cute baby in your arms though!


that is hilarious! totally easy to mis-dial the phone while holding such a cute baby in your arms though!


You have made my day. Oh my!!! I can't wait to share that story!


Came over from Twinfatuation. There were times when my kids were tiny when I probably would have been grateful just to talk to another adult. Any adult. LOL.


I read this the day you posted and got a kick out of it. And then yesterday, with no baby to distract me, I did the same thing when trying to call babies-r-us!

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