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June 06, 2008



after having been following your journey for a year now, i can't believe you think you're not artistic. but that's not really the point. one day you'll be doing something totally mundane (for me its driving) and you will become overwhelmed with the urge to create something. and from there it will flow. and it will come. your mind and body are too tired right now to use that energy for art. but you will get there. probably much sooner than you'd think!

Beth (bLemon)

I got to see Margaret Atwood speak in Pittsburgh when I was in college and even though I'm not sure who said it, I associate this with that lecture: "If I couldn't think about words, I'd go crazy."

That's how I see creativity.

It's not necessarily about your output. It's more about how much you need to do it in order to stay sane. Even planning what's going to come next from my fingers helps me get through the days when I don't have time to use them.

I got excited just thinking about your organized studio! Too bad I know this baby will only sleep for a few minutes longer...


I had a few minutes today to take out my birth book I have been working on for Anu. It is almost done. Now I just need to journal the pages. It was either work on the book or take a nap and I wanted to feel like me so I choose the project. I find myself happiest these days sharing with my daughters. They want to learn how to paint, how to sew, how to cook, how to garden, and today it was how to oil furniture. They love clay, chalk, paper and I love watching them discover it. I sit at the table with Karuna in the wrap or nursing and play. I am keeping my tub of seed beads for when Anu can use a tiny needle I can teach her how to do a payote stitch.
I will get myself more organized and create my own work one day as well. I dream of quilts and sitting in a garden painting.


Aw, thanks for the Keen shout-out! We were so happy for you to have those earrings. I think your work (both jewelry and new baby) show immense amounts of artistic focus. Your writing makes it clear to me that you have the mind of an artist, so don't even try to fool yourself into thinking otherwise! As for your work, it'll wait. It took me almost ten years to start working creatively again after I left art school. When you need it, you'll know.


hello love-I have been absent from blog reading for a long while....

Thea is stunning, just beautiful like her mom.

I love that you are enjoying the beauty of jewels from another. That you have allowed yourself to enjoy getting that fullness from someone else. These first few months are so demanding-wonderful and beautiful but you give so much of yourself, that it is understandable that you haven't been making jewels lately.

I found taking pictures was a simple and rewarding way to be creative without too many steps or too much commitment. Making jewelry and selling it involves many many steps, and right now with Thea you probably have little chunks of time instead of big ones.

Anyway just wanted to stop in and say hi and send you love.


After the Prawn was first born, it took me a fair amount of time to feel that creative spark again due to the fact that I suffered from depression. But it has come back with a vengeance lately and it's almost hard to stop the flow when i need to be doing other things. I find time during naps and after the Prawn is in bed to nurture the flame.

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