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June 24, 2008



The thing is, you wouldn't be YOU today if you hadn't been so afraid. You wouldn't be Thea's mother, who realizes that the woman of her past is not the example she wants to be for Thea's future. You wouldn't have the frame of reference to know that you are capable of more, of different...

I'm fascinated to get to know you this way, because when *I* was 18, I wanted to be more like *you.*


What Lydia has said is so true.
No "what ifs," but "thank yous" for the apprehensions as well as the accomplishments. They are all collectively contributors to who you incredibly insightful woman, mother, wife and friend. Look forward (never backward)...for you have great things you're living now and awaiting you!


Back to back comments!
Just wanted you to know that you’ve been bestowed with a wee blog award from me!
Thank you for cheering my days!
Go peek at it here:


Fear is such a powerful thing. It has held me captive so much in the last two years... I feel like I traded some of my happiness for it.

This is a great cycle to break! Because if you're afraid of something, or NOT... neither has any effect on the outcome.

Please please call and remind me of this daily, will ya? xo

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