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August 13, 2008



Omigosh, I am loving KindnessGirl...and the wide blue eyes on Miss Thea? She can work her kindness in ways unspoken! :)


that was awesome and much needed. Love the DDD/random acts/ thing!
I think Thea is saying "Mama" (Or more likely "Daddy"), "Can I borrow your car for the prom? And can I get a $200 dress. It would mean SO much to me..."
*insert eyelash batting here*

I just looked at it again. Alternatively you could have:
"I just don't know where all the cookies went. I couldn't possibly have done it...*insert eyelash batting here and a glance at Rilo who saw the whole thing and got payoff for his silence*

thanks for sharing!


GORGEOUS picture. Seriously. What a doll :)


Look at those EYES. She's gorgeous.


Adorable! Thanks for stopping by. Compared to what you two went through, I feel silly worrying about anything. It's a good reality check. Enjoy that little cutie!


what a cutie! those eyes of hers are so big! :0)


That pic would certainly make my day!

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