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August 21, 2008


Karen Maezen Miller

That's what they keep giving us: the invitation to be enough!


loving the drool theme! amanda when thru a thing where she drooled buckets (my son did too) and we suspected teeth but nothing yet. My son drooled for months and months and got his first tooth at THIRTEEN months! LOL

yeah when I go get Amanda in the morning she kicks her feet and gets SO happy. And now that she's crawling she comes to greet me full of glee when she sees me. Its the greatest thing ever. And it sort of washes away any frustration about lack of sleep or her violently fighting me about taking her medicine.

all the love really does put things into perspective, huh?
sometimes I love mine so much it actually hurts, or I want to like eat them...ya know? I know that sounds so crazy but you moms know what I mean I hope!


I hear you, my friend. I hear you.



Happy 4 months, Thea! and cheers to you, Nikole! She's beautiful and looks so healthy - she's just a little less than Ava weighed at 4 months (14.1oz) and she was 8lbs at birth! As Joe likes to call it, the "boobie brew" works wonders!

I hope Thea and Ava get to meet someday - they could be kindred spirits with all that drool. These days I walk around and step in wet patches on the floor. The bib doesn't help so I just give up! :)

Rebecca Lewis



I love the first morning smiles. She is beautiful. Karuna has become a slobber monster as well.

Erin W

Mornings are my favorite too. She's the only one I know who's so happy to see me at 5:30 a.m.

And this photo is adorable!


She has such a serious look on her face in this picture. I look forward to watching her continue to grow!


She really just keeps getting more beautiful! And I thought she was perfect when she was born... :)


What is it that happens between 4 months when drool is darling, and 43 when it's not so much so!?!?

She is so precious, Nikole...what a wonderful Mama (and Daddy) your Little Miss has!

Hoping to hook up next week...crazy right now...I'll email soon. :)


What a look on her face. So precious!


That all sounds really great!


that is so precious! i am glad you are feeling fufilled and happy with your life!

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