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August 12, 2008



I have those flashes too. Amanda is 6 months old. I swear she has had the stink-eye mastered since she could focus on me. Somedays I think she is going to say exasperatedly, after a string of gaa-gaa baaaa ...muh-THER!!! (the way I used to say it to my mom with what she described as the "fall into the pit of hell look" - my husband attests to the fact that I can still give it!)

will you still be blogging when she's 14? I'm sure it will be a help to me then, too!! LOL


Ha! I often think of Baby O as a teenager, as my next door neighbor has a 15 and 13 year old... eek.

Everyone always says "it gets easier," but I'm finding that it isn't really EASY per se, just different.

(And boy do I know the magic bag of tricks to calm a fussy baby - right now Baby O is screaming his fool head off. And I've gone through every one of my tricks in the past half hour. *sigh* Back to it, I suppose...)


I love the little grin hiding behind the hands - almost like she knows what you're thinking and is thinking ... "just wait, Mom" :)


What wonderful perspective - I look at my baby and remember looking at her sisters as babies not so long ago. I would gaze at them and think, there's nothing you could do that would upset me. Well, the other day as one was gearing herself up for a tantrum (saying lots of "No Fairs" in her lispy 6 year old voice & stomping loudly up the stairs) I caught sight of two images at the same time - one of her as a teenager & one memory of my chubby cheeked babe. Steve & I try to remain serious, but bust out laughing at some of the things she says (as soon as she's out of sight!) She is still my angel, even if she's a little saucy these days. :) Enjoy cuddling your sweet baby & wondering what adventure & fun (truly) lays ahead.

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