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August 11, 2008


Beth (bLemon)

I'm so glad you are getting things sorted out! I think we need to do what you guys did and get Zadie to sleep earlier. We has been sleeping successfully after the last feeding (around 9 - 9:30) but I'm thinking we need to move it up a bit to sometime after the 7:00ish feeding. I'll be emailing you on this one, that's for sure.

She is a beast in the evenings and I know it's because she's just overtired/overstimulated.


My son is 15 months and is only just starting to have nights where he sleeps through the night. It was (and still is now that I'm working) exhausting sometimes. I really struggle with the sleep thing the first year it seemed like everyone's baby was 'sleeping thru' but mine. After a while I stopped reading books, stopped comparing and just accepted him for who he is and it made things easier. The one thing I would say though is that for my next baby I probably won't be offering to boob every single time he/she wimpers in the night. I think in a way I was part of the problem because as soon as I heard him wake up I would offer him the boob... which made it hard for him to learn how to fall asleep on his own. At six months I did the gradual letting him cry it out and it did work and slowly he seemed to learn to sleep in his crib and cope with falling back asleep on his own. Hang in there. For me the hardest part of parenting has been the sleep issue (god I love my sleep). Things really will get better. Sounds like you're doing everything right!


yay! I read so much good stuff in your post. I too struggled with comparisons because MY baby was the only baby not sleeping thru the night - ever. Once I made peace with who my baby/kid is everything became much better.

One step at a time. She may or may not learn to put herself to sleep but she's just a baby for now.

Sounds like you're doing great. I'm so glad you feel more peaceful about it. And I'm glad you read the right books. The book my pediatrician gave me gave me so much damn anxiety its nuts. My pediatrician gave me anxiety and wanted me to do the cry it out crap. I only read those books when I need to know something strictly medical now.

Man, where were you people when I was struggling with this and all my friends were like "oh, my baby has sleep for 8 hours a night since she was 3 weeks old"...?? =)

Good job Nikole!! Thx for the update!!


Alice is the same way -- up for about 45 minutes, then sleeping for 20-30 minutes ... And if you miss that window, you're in for an afternoon/ evening of crying when she's overtired.

And thank you for saying you too haven't written your thank you notes yet. I'm woefully behind there, too.


Glad things are going better. Cole (almost 8m old) had a similar routine for naps when he was Thea's age. We swaddled him, played music (Norah Jones), rocked him to sleep, held for about 20m, then ever so gently transferred him to the crib. Or I kept him in my arms to nap. That was before I went back to work and the daycare craziness of sleep deprivation. So you are doing just wonderful!!

I will say that we now (since about 4-5m)only have to hold him 5min once he's asleep before we place him in the crib. The only way I got my husband to do this sleep routine is just trying on weekends when he was around- he'd have nap duty on Sat or Sun and we'd all just give it a try. It didn't work for the longest time, but slowly there were a few times he could get Cole to sleep. now, at 8m, Cole really prefers mom. But his dad can get him to sleep, he just has developed his own style and method and it often takes longer. Your husband will develop his own tricks and routine to lull her to sleep, just hang in there!!! Great job mama!


You're doing what I eventually did, but I'm sure with more grace! I finally realized that Ava was going to nap however long (or however infrequently!) she deemed fit. All I could do was provide a comfy crib for her and ask her of her when she woke: "Did you have a nice nap?" - although deep inside I was (and still am!) pleading "Please sleep longer tomorrow!"

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