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October 24, 2008


catherine illian

I made butternut squash soup this week as well--- v. v. yummy-- I am so glad she slept for an hour and a half--
I also loved what you said about play--- and it is so imp. for us to find places in our life where we can play!


So glad you had some time for yourself.


Thanks for the peaceful feeling this post gave me. :)


Yes. Amazing how a little time doing something constructive like making soup or jewelry can slow everything down, can't it? I feel the same way about cooking as you do.

I'm so happy you're finding ways to relax. And thanks for the reminder that I needed to do this, too.



Lovely post, Nikole. I'm glad you're finding time for self care - it can be so hard to do sometimes. And, that soup looks divine!


I love cooking. its so therapeutic.
good for you - taking care of yourself. hope things are going OK. Hugs from Cali.


Taking time for yourself is so hard (so I'm learning). I always say I'm going to go lay down or go to bed early or something and I end up vacuuming or something instead. Sigh.

And that soup looks delicious, by the way.

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