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October 07, 2008



ohhhh i love the lily padz too! although i rushed out the door and only have one nipple covered!


Can I borrow ALL your recommendations? For when my daughter comes... It is a pitty I won't be able to find half of the things in Spain. But, at least, I can buy the books through Amazon!


I just bookmarked this page so I can revisit it in a few months before we welcome the boy! :)


I love all California Baby and Weleda products. CA has yummed essential oils that we use each night in the tub. When Ava snuggles before bed, I love to smell her drying hair as it has a hint of lavender. Yum!

Itzbeen - this was a lifesaver for me many times. Helps to figure out how long "it's been" (get it? Itzbeen) since the last feeding / sleep / etc. It also comes with a nightlight so I used it MANY times to check on a squirmy baby without risk of waking her up with the main light. I love it!

And 10 months in, I still love my Bravado bras, although Ava loves to pull on the elastic while nursing, so I'm not sure how long that part of the bra will hold up!


Although my little-baby days are gone, I LOVED:
(1) my Ergo carrier for when they got a bit older--you can carry them on your front or back, and a 20 lbs baby suddenly feels like an infant again!
(2) Tank tops with built-in shelf bras. I didn't have any *ahem* size changes, so these were sufficient support AND so easy to nurse in.
(3) Blender-for making baby food. We never bought any store-made food!
(4) Sound machine. The kiddos still sleep with this on "white noise" setting.
(5) Various Mom listservs. For my own sanity. :)
and, #1 most important...a DVR! (ReplayTV, TiVO) All those long nursing/rocking sessions were made so much easier by having a few hours of my favorite shows to watch on mute. Because sometimes even reading takes too much energy! And now, it's a life-saver to have The Backyardigans or Little Einsteins always available...

catherine illian

all I have to say-- is your list is much cooler than mine-- I love the leg warmers-- am definitely getting them if there is a next time
my fav. things
1. Hotsling
2. Ergo (still use both of these almost daily)
3. big swaddling blanket
4. love the bumgenius diapers too
5. robeez shoes --great for when they start walking
6. target nursing tank tops--- I have pretty much worn them every day since he was born
7. i also love our cheapo $13 plastic booster seat-- don't plan on using anything else and it was and continues to be perfect and doesn't take up too much room.


Thought of a few more of my favorite things (this makes me want to go and watch the Sound of Music, or at least twirl my arms and walk amongst the Alps!):

1. - has lots of neat stuff, including our favorite pacifier [Natursutten All-Natural Rubber Rounded Pacifier] and pacifier holder [Blumina Pacifier Chain from Selecta]. Ava had a hard time keeping any other pacifier in her mouth; this one worked like a charm and more often than not, she prefers to chew and suck on the holder - all wood.

2. Grocery cart / restaurant seat cover by Just Peachy Baby. Ava is a BIG squirmer, so this one works wonders for us as it has a clip strap that goes through the back of the grocery cart seat to secure the baby nicely. And they have wonderful prints to choose from.

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