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November 17, 2008



Oh my goodness, I am grateful for you, and for your generosity of that last image! :)

And I am NOT married to your husband, yet will happily second your assessment of his talents and abilities.

Clarity comes via unexpected paths. We've experienced a similar "upheaval" induced clarity facilitator. You will emerge stronger, happier, and more certain than ever the love of family (and friends!) trumps all the periphery.

Love and peace to the three of and always.

catherine illian

I am grateful that we weren't killed last night when our car was totaled on I-64. I am grateful to have such a strong and eloquent friend like you.
Thea is so cute in that sweater. She is adorable. If we didn't have the throw-ups I would come see you-- but I'll wait 'til we're better-- its been quit a crazy two days for us.


I am grateful for a peaceful household. for clarity. and for the jobs we grumble about daily. and for our health. so much...
your daughter is SO cute!! love that sweater!

things are going to turn out wonderful for you guys...imagine the wonderful places one could find if one ventured off the beaten path and through the scary, dark, uncharted woods via the bumpy, weed-overgrown, thorny never know what beautiful view may await you when you emerge...


I am so sorry for this sudden and unplanned shift! I have been through this myself and it's no fun. I'm so happy to hear he got a severance package! I'm glad you are choosing to look at this in the positive light...especially since it likely means that something really great and awesome and even better than before is right around the bend for him and for you! It will be exciting to see what it is! I love that photo of Thea...those eyes!!! I'm so glad you guys will get to have some great quality family time together. Enjoy the moments!


It occurred to me as I read this that I posted that quote about getting rid of the life we've planned on the exact day John was laid off. How very... odd. And appropriate. I knew it was speaking to me for some reason!!!

I'm grateful for my husband, my family, my job, my health (and health insurance!). I'm grateful I am able to do the things that make me happy without feeling guilty about it. I'm grateful I've had 30 years on this planet and hope for many more. I'm grateful for friendships that we've recently learned will probably end way too soon thanks to wicked, wicked cancer...

I'm grateful to have your words to read when I need some centering.


I am so sorry for the layoff - I hope you find a nice solution fairly quickly.

I am grateful for my husband, our jobs (knock on wood), and my bulging bump.


Oh my! I am truly sorry; I am letting go as fast as I can so something good falls straightaway into your open hands.


I know that no matter what you guys face you will remain strong! You both have great talents that are valued by many. It won't be long before the offers come rolling in.

We're here if you need anything. Seriously, we need to get together again soon.... Nigel's getting a complex over the whole thing. : )


I'm grateful for this post, which helps me to really dig down into what I'm most grateful for... And your little one is so cute it hurts. I love your jewelry, also. Once my husband has a job again (LOL), I'll browse your wares...


Good luck: stay optimistic, and something right will happen.


Good luck: stay optimistic, and something right will happen.


Good luck: stay optimistic, and something right will happen.


Beautifully put...nice to be able to have blessings to count!


Beautifully put...nice to be able to have blessings to count!


Beautifully put...nice to be able to have blessings to count!


Beautifully put...nice to be able to have blessings to count!


Hi Nikole! We miss you on the boards and have been wondering how you're doing and what the update from your last post was regarding your appointments, etc, so I decided to check out your site. I don't see an update on that, but I'm so sorry to hear about John's job. We are in such hard times and I really hope that something opens up for him quickly! Please stop by and give an update when you get a minute. We miss you and are thinking of you!

And I LOVE that adorable sweater!!!!! As well as the beauty wearing it! She is SO cute!!!


Nikole, Thanks for your wonderful post. I too am very faithful that in some way this is an important part of your family's path and that something wonderful is coming to you. It was great to see you at the blessing way, and thank you again for the gift of your and Thea's presence.

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