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November 28, 2008



Oh I love the lighting birds! It's as though Thea is nested with friends of a feather!

The necklace is wonderful...she'll be thrilled. :) So thoughtful.

Thankful for you all...hope you're well.


Oh I love the birds and the tree. We are currently ordering a deco for stellas new room too. Also a tree and some birds, but a different style :).

Oh and I loooooooooooove the necklace. I WANT ONE TOO. When do you open your shop again???? I NEEEED to order one for myself/Stella.

Thea is so lovely. Happy little family of yours always makes me smile and look at mine and smile too :)



Love the wall, love the necklace and REALLY love that sweet baby girl.

You do need to open your shop up. I want one of those necklaces sooooo bad.


LOVE the birds!!!!!


I love the swallows! So pretty! I'm so glad you've found time to create in your studio again!

Rebecca LewisRebecca

LOVE the wall art!


Gorgeous!!! Thanks for sharing all the beauty in your life.


Oh man I *need* one of those necklaces with a J on it for Jack. That is a big hint for my husband.

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