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December 09, 2008



So glad you are starting to see some light. 6 hours feels MIRACULOUS when you get it...much of my early motherhood would have been an irretrievable blur (were it not for taking notes) due to sleep deprivation...hope that you experience what I did, that when you start getting 6-8-10 hours again (and you WILL get 10, I feel it) an incredible surge of energy comes in's FABULOUS, and those inexplicably challenging days of being a new mom start becoming a memory, but also a source of accomplishment. Think of what you have already made it through!

I am thankful for so very much, for the fact that you admitted your gratefulness for Facebook first! ;) Love your new pieces, love you, and John, and Thea. :)


i love the new hope piece!
i'm so glad to hear there is a bit of a break in the clouds for you and your family. it's hard work raising a baby and you guys had a harder start than most. you're doing a great job, nikole -- try to remember that as you soldier onward. it will become easier as you get more and more sleep...which you WILL. xoxo

patience much happening and during such fragile times... and yet you are so finding your way with such grace and beauty. much peace to you...

Gayle Schrier Smith, MD

I am grateful that I am a mother. I am a child advocate and a physician for children in my other work, but the work of being a mother is the one that I know I was meant to do.

I am grateful that my five year old laughs at my 14 year old's jokes when no one else gets them. I'm glad my 10 year old has pondered for most of the nights we tuck in those same questions of life and meaning and God and heaven that I wonder about too. I am glad my 15 year old is as mature as he is and that in his own "old soul" way he is having a happy childhood.

I am thankful that I am married to the man of my hopes and that he knows I will always do my best to be wise and selfless. I score better on wise than on selfless, but since we don't keep score...

I am thankful that I am the queen of Christmas and that tomorrow night is the "suprise, we're all in our PJs but YES, get in the car, we're going to the Jefferson for hot chocolate" night.

Some family traditions create themselves and become worthy of the effort it takes to make them possible, year after year. I am grateful that I know that, and that do too.


I'm already promoting your etsy on my blog, so let me know asap when you are open!

catherine illian

yay for six hours of sleep-- it makes such a difference-- i'm hoping for another good night tonight for you all--
I am grateful for gluten free chocolate cupcakes
for chocolate in general
for days like today that are 60 degrees--
for Jack who now says "peas" (please)
for a sweet husband who loves me even when I am grumpy


I am grateful for blankets, a warm fire and three little girls.
I am grateful for a mother who my children the same way I hug them.
I am grateful for the days when Manjari doesn't itch.
I am grateful for the love of books my daughters are developing.
I am grateful for knitting needles and yarn.
I am grateful for the tons of creative blogs out there.
I am grateful for my sling.
I am grateful for an ax swinging husband.
I am grateful for tea.
Thank you for your posts.


You are amazing! I am grateful to have cool friends like you! Here's to another good nights sleep and less sleep deprivation!


Sleep is so important - hope you manage to get more!

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