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December 30, 2008



I enjoy reading your posts so your challenge is working out well for me :) As for hope, my faith in God gives me hope. I know there is an ultimate good and with so many ugly things going on in the world, I know it isn't hopeless.

jessica price

Beautiful! My children give me hope - hope that they can make a difference in the lives of others.


This is just beautiful!
The new year gives me hope. Knowing that my husband and I are stronger than ever in our faith and our relationships gives me hope.
Plus I really HOPE that I can find cheap fabric to make new curtains for the living room.


I would love to win this necklace!
I have hope because I know God is in control! :)

Jason G.

While pushing baby Jasper up to a busy intersection, a car turns right in front of me, even though I have the "walk" signal. Before I can cross, another car speeds up to us and I look the driver, a spiky haired punk rocker, dead in the eyes. He slows to a stop and waves me on. As he turns behind me he yells out his window, "Hey dude, your cargo is more precious than mine." Thanks man. Since cars failing to yield to pedestrians (esp. w/strollers) is a pet peeve of mine, that little interaction today gave me hope. Snazzy necklace, by the way. Since many of us won't win this contest, what to they cost?


I have hope that my wonderful body has the power to make it through my current pregnancy (with twins!:).
Beautiful necklace.
Have a wonderful new year, I enjoy reading yours and your husband'g blogs.


what a wonderful way to start off the new year ... a constant reminder! Thanks for the chance to win


I have hope that I have come through so much and know that I am a survivor.


I just looked at your site and may have to purchase one with my childs name stamped on it. I love the idea of wearing him close and warmed by my heart.


My precious little one and others born after much heartache give me hope - hope in life, hope in love, hope in our future.
By the way, I'm a constant lurker on your blog and your husband's. You are both such amazing and inspirational writers - thank you for sharing yourselves with us!


My son gives me hope. Everything is new and fresh and amazing to him. He has boundless love, forgiveness and possibility in his heart and in his eyes.

Reva Skie

Hope is one of the things that keeps us going, isn't it. We could all use a physical reminder of that.

jessica c

Watching my little discover new things gives me hope.


Hope- for the newborn son of Larry and Jill, who they will soon be able to adopt, thanks to the unselfish love of a 16 yr old birthmom

Hope- that my now 1yr old son Cole is sleeping longer stretches at night and growing into a heartwarming toddler

Hope- for a new year of peace and recovery.

Thanks Nikole- your writing moves many many people.


I would love to pass this beautiful necklace on to a friend of mine. She lost her daughter, Hope, about 5 weeks ago, just 3 days after she was born.


I believe the future isn't something we should dwell on so by being hopeful it brings one ease to their life.

Misty VanEpps

my daughter gives me hope.


Laughter always gives me hope. As long as I can find something to laugh and smile about, hope is never lost.

Love the beautiful necklace.


All your hope is helping me right now more than you can know. Thank you.


seeing all the possibilities that lye ahead gives me hope.


My sister, Hope, is battling stage 4 cancer. I would love to win this necklace to show my support for her. I am hopeful that she can spend another year with us all.


This is a beautiful necklace! My 4 children give me hope!!


When I look at my husband and my girls, I feel hopeful for the future.


What a beautiful necklace! My children give me hope.



I need hope right now. Getting kind of run down. Thankfully I know God is there and I'll get through this time.

adorablyconfused at hotmail dot com

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