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December 31, 2008



wow. that is an unexpected connection. im sure his heart felt a little better after talking with you. my sister in law had a miscarriage over thanksgiving. we were glad to be there with her and help her through it. im so thankful for being a mother to that wee little one for such a very short period of time, it helped me help her. it also brought forth a lot of sad feelings, which is so strange when you are holding a life that wouldnt be here if it wasnt for that loss.


Shows just how small the world can be at times. One of my nurses last night was a black woman maybe about my age or a little younger. She had an accent. I asked where she was from. South Africa. Same place as me. She asked where I was from in SA. I wanted to know more of her story but she moved along too quickly for that. She did allow me to sleep through the night, saying it was ok for them to skip my 2am vital check. Small world. Different experiences, most likely. Shared few hours.


that is unexpected. and touching. he's right. no one ever talks about "that". In fact, when I am asked on forms or at doctors or whatever how many children, a little nag in my head always wants to answer "3" or fill in a blank that says "2 earth children and one angel baby"...but there is no box for that information. I always sort of feel like I am offending the memory of my first pregnancy to not include her. (I don't know it was a her, it was a very early loss but its just a feeling I had). But another part of me knows that she understands and she's right here with me anyway so she doesn't care how I answer questions on stupid forms. =)
its nice when people actually talk and are genuine and human, isn't it?
that was a lovely post. thank you.


i had an unexpected connection just yesterday while working entering hospital orders. young lady was in for a miscarriage of twins at 8 weeks. i said a prayer for her as i entered her pain meds after her d&c. great post!


Wow. You just gave me a hunch. I bet when we drop the "expected," every one is a connection. I know you are for me.

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