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March 04, 2009


Karen Maezen Miller

It all starts with "let's."


Our new favorite game is where I pull Baby O around the house in a laundry basket. He giggles and giggles - thinks it's the best game ever.

We've also let him "fingerpaint" with yogurt colored with different food coloring in his highchair. He seems to love this - not just the texture, but the different colors too. We've always had him dressed in a navy onesie in case it stained, so I can't tell you that it comes out easily in the wash, but we never have any issues with it.


All of those are great ideas! How about story time at the library & going out for lunch/treat with baby. I remember going to Palani Drive for smoothies when Zoe was a baby in a sling & Erica was just over 2. It felt a little crazy - I wasn't used to going out with two yet - but we needed a change of scenery. Erica & I had some nice "date time", Zoe slept & we ended up striking up a conversation with friendly strangers.


Karen - Such big wisdom in so few words. Sometimes I think you've already been a mama for a thousand years.

Serenity - Great ideas! I can't wait until Thea can have yogurt. I'm still working on figuring out if she is still allergic to milk. That must be fun to watch.

Kristin - Sometimes, for us, a change of scenery can be nothing short of miraculous. You are a superhero for getting out and about with multiple children!


Our little guy loves to play ball- just roll it to him, he 'throws' it back, or goes to get it.

At daycare, he plays with jello or cool whip- they sit him in highchair wearing a large t-shirt for the mess. He loves it!

He loves watching birds, so I try to keep the birdfeeders full. He'd probably like watching ducks at a pond- like byrd park.

Metro Richmond Zoo is on our list when warmer weather is here.

And for your 2nd question- I think the first year is really challenging, esp if you have sleep issues. Plus all the sick days...make it stop!! Glad you are feeling better. I'm printing this list, great ideas!


I second the idea of getting out - have a favorite "your" place to go. For Ava and I, it's the coffee shop - one of those places "where everybody knows your name." Makes a bad day instantly better when you can go somewhere, have a drink (coffee / tea - this is daytime afterall!) and talk to people who know you. And there's always new people coming in to talk to your little one and things for them to look at. Visiting friends is fun, but I find life gets in the way too quickly and before you know it, it's been weeks before you've seen your friends. That's why I love the coffee shop and our friends there. It's always there and when I go, I know I'll see someone who knows me.

Another idea for tactile learning, I suppose (?), is something I heard of for teaching kids letters but might be fun for the little ones too. Fill a ziploc baggie with colored hair gel and place baggie inside another baggie. Need I explain the reason for that? :) Hopefully little fingers aren't too developed that opening ziploc baggies comes easily! It's squishy and moves and is different colors so it might be fun for them to play with the baggies (supervised of course!).

Another friend put some soapy water on her daughter's high chair and let her play with the bubbles. I've not done that yet, but should look into the harmless dish soaps. Perhaps 7th Generation makes a good soap for that?

There's always the "tupperware cabinet" - we just "installed" that one!

Sounds like you have a great list! I'll have to drive up sometime when it's warmer and explore Maymont garden with you - my MIL LOVES taking her students there. They were just there a couple of weekends ago and had a great time.


And we LOVE the Little Gym - Ava loves going and exploring. A great place to go! Although it can sound pricey, if you have a small enough class for lots of one-on-one, it is a great deal for the 20 weeks!


Great ideas! Some of my thoughts:

On 4/20 a group from Richmondmommies is going to Romp n Roll in Midlo. It's $5 and there's lots for kids of all ages to do.

The play area at Chesterfield Towne Center is super diverse. Nigel loves to check out all the kiddos there.

Last summer Nigel and I went to Stony Point Fashion Park to walk around and look at the water play area. He loved watching the water squirt up and fall down.

We're members of CMoR now, and we have two guest passes for the year if you ever want to come along.

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