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June 08, 2009



Hi Nikole. I'm so very glad to "hear your voice" again! I am grateful for babies that smile in the morning after a feverish evening, husbands that are supportive and hardworking during chaotic birthday parties, and quiet moments afterwards as a family of three.


i'm grateful to read your words today! i've missed your posts. and so grateful for my little angel who makes being a mom everything i dreamed it would be

Erin Barlow Rider

Glad to see you back my dear!


I am so happy you are "back". I, too, have missed your posts.

I am grateful for my miracle, who will turn a year old soon. I am grateful he is finally crawling. I am grateful for gentle rains and kind words from strangers. I am grateful for my mother's constant words of reassurance and my husband's unwavering support.


Nikole! I'm so glad you are back! I've been worried, but figured you needed your time and space. I'm grateful you are back! :)


I'm grateful to "hear" your voice again. I missed your way with words. I am also grateful for Ryan pooping in the potty twice in a row!

Beth (bLemon)

I was so happy to have your blog come up first thing in my Google Reader today!! Yay!!! Glad to have you back.


So great to hear from you, missed your posts. I'm so grateful that my son is still nursing, since he is sick again and has no appetite. I'm grateful for my patient husband. I'm grateful for fresh farm veggies from our CSA and the chance to tinker with them in the kitchen.

I've always thought that new moms who keep up a blog are so amazing and skillful, please take any time you need and never feel like you have to explain if life takes you other places than here.


Glad to see you back, too, my friend & nice to see your smile the other day! xo K

I'm grateful for a family b-day gathering; watching my brave girls dive into the pool & swim in their 2nd swim meet; fluffy clouds against a blue sky; for waking up with a little girl in my arms; for fantastic friends; and for my handsome man.


welcome back

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