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September 03, 2009



yay! welcome back!


Good to read you! I agree with so much of you what you write in this post... I feel the exact same way about spending my days with my 19 month old daughter - a beautiful love affair and an amazing life lesson in every moment.
Sorry about the allergies, that sounds very tough. If you don't mind my 2 cents, I hear that when people test allergic to so much stuff, it might be just the immune system being very reactive and kind of misfiring, and the tests can only detect so much, it's not a perfect reading that they give you. I have done some research because my daughter also showed a lot of sensitivities that now she seems to be growing out of, and many years ago believe it or not I had similar problems with my dog, who also grew out of it (thanks to a fantastic homeopath). If you want to talk about it, feel free to email! I'll be sending you good thoughts!


that IS a challenge with those allergies. I want to hear the recipes (or summaries of them). =)

I totally agree with PP about the allergy tests. I've had those tests myself. true blueberry allergy is pretty rare. i think I blathered something about that on John's blog. oats and rice she will outgrow I guarantee. I had a brief adult allergy to milk, so they said, and wheat (and yeast and nuts and all fish and some other stuff). And for a time I did notice that they made me feel very specific symptoms. Then after a couple years of shots which calmed down all my nasal allergies and hayfever, the food allergies went away. The cup overfloweth theory...
I think her immune system is just developing and I bet by 2 and a half she'll be free of a bunch of that.

God I love being a know it all.

I am going to try to learn something (positive) from my (demonic) precious children tomorrow. Today, they taught me that working is easy compared to this, and that 24 hours in a day is plenty! Oh, and that I need a piece of coconut layer cake by Pepperidge Farms because wine just gives me hot flashes. So tomorrow maybe I'll feel like supporting them as they navigate though my patience, er, I mean, the world. =)

Seriously, your words did slap me in the face a bit. I am going to try to be kinder tomorrow even if I do want to tear my hair out and sell them to the nearest band of gypsies. *eyelash batting*

good to hear from you.


P.S. cereal isn't healthy?
12 essential vitamins and iron?



Happy to hear from you. And so sorry to hear about the allergies. It's rough - hopefully you'll find meal ideas that work for you all soon.

And I LOVE your thought that you learn from Thea. I feel the same way about my O. I love that he's teaching me to be more patient. More kind. To slow down and experience the world, instead of pushing through it.



I'm so glad to see you posting again! I love to read your stories.


Good to see you up and writing and noting all of the things that feed you well and sustain you.


Welcome back. There's a great email group resource on Yahoo called Foodlab - if you just search for "Foodlab" it'll come up. It's full of people who have lots of different food allergies and is an amazing resource for helping sort things out, getting encouragement, and getting recipes and other ideas.

Hang in there, the food allergy thing is HARD!!! But it does get better.


Good to hear from you.

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