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February 24, 2007


jen lemen

i think this stage of your journey (and your hair!) is so lovely and inspiring. i agree the two are intimately connected.


I'm SO excited that you're blogging again!!!

I completely get the hair thing. I've been maniacally changing my hair every month or two ever since moving out to Seattle. I think I've been trying to physically keep up with the radical shifts and openings I've been experiencing in my life. Crazy hair gave me confidence and helped me step outside my old ideas of myself.

Now I'm ready to settle into the steady growth stage I seem to be living, and I'm at peace with more natural colors. Unfortunately, I recently had way too much hair trimmed off and I'm hating the pouffy mess I have now. I keep thinking of Sally Field complaining about her football helmet head in Steel Magnolias. Every day I complain about it and Ben is practically begging me to go spend whatever I have to spend to get it taken care of. Except now I think it's time to grow it out again. Wish I'd figured that out last week!

Sorry that was so long. I got a little wound up. :)

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