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June 12, 2008



I just have to say, when my sister and brother were born in 1991 and 1992, we used cloth diapers. With no service. Well, unless you count me, since it was my job to DIP THE DIAPERS IN THE TOILET to get off the excess poop and prep for the washing machine. What I wouldn't have done for a service like this then! :)


The Prince Lionheart wipe warmer works really well with cloth wipes, if you want to use one. Water right out of the tap is a bit chilly on the butt, and you're going to use a lot of water waiting for it to warm up. I used the Gerber wipes BrUs used to sell, along with a couple of freebies I got when buying dipes. I put a couple drops of TTO or GSE into the water and it never got funky.
Are you going to stick with prefolds, or try some of the pockets or AIOs?

catherine illian

She looks so cute-- and she is getting up there in weight-- I'm guessing the nursing must be going well-- glad to know the cloth diapers worked out well-- take care


Thanks for the suggestions on the wipes. We are getting ready to move from the pre-folds to using Bum Genius one-size all in one diapers. I also have some fuzzi bunz - both are pocket diapers. I wanted to make sure that she liked them before I ordered a ton, so we're starting out with a dozen.


We used Fuzzi Bunz, Wonderoos (a precursor to the BumGenius) and Happy Heinys. Depending on your washer setup and your access to someone with plumbing ability, you might want to hook a kitchen sprayer to your toilet water supply. We used that and a five-gallon bucket with a hole in the bottom to decon the really juicy ones.

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