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July 01, 2008



This is a lovely call to action...
Scott (my husband) finds the idea of blogging somewhat odd, but like the blogger you've quoted, I envision the process as conversational. In a very odd way, I feel a remarkable closeness to many whom I've never met -- and will likely never meet face to face, but I do feel a definite "connection."

In the future perhaps I'll care less about the quality of the comments left, and commit to at least contributing to the conversation.


Hi! I am delurking! I don't really write on my blog these days but I do enjoy reading yours.


I know I love to read the comments on mine, so I've been trying to respond a lot also. And I signed up for NaComLeavWe... hope I can hack it!

Miss you, N! Would love to see you and Miss T soon...


i completely agree. i started blogging not really knowing what to expect- i have to say i got much more than i thought i would out of blogging- i have met some of the authors of the blogs i read and others i have not. however it doesn't matter if i have met them i still feel a strong connection with them and i love that. i used to feel so scared to post comments of encouragement or any sort of words on a persons blog- i am glad that i have gotten over that fear because it really has opened so many doors for me and i hope that it has for others as well!

great post nikole! :0)


Kevin and I found your blog by accident. Jon's too. We read them for a long time, feeling like voyeurs, yet not knowing how to stop you on the sidewalk to say, "Um, yeah, we're the neighbors who have been reading your diaries." But we have cheered for you, mourned for you, and prayed for you nonetheless. Sometimes, in the middle of the self-absorption that can overtake life, I read a post about your sweet baby or cute dog and am reminded to think outside of my own life, to count my blessings, and to just breathe. And so, I too, add my "I'm out here" voice to let you know your words do not fall on deaf ears (blind eyes?) and that the sharing of your experiences is edifying to this cyber community.


Hello there, I have been reading your blog which (I think) I found through a link on someone else's blog. I have enjoyed so much tagging along on your journey. You have a beautiful baby and I thoroughly enjoy your posts. Keep up the blogging! Thanks for your thoughtful insights!


I love this post!! I think you are like everyone else in blog-world: Reading blogs that belong to friends, acquaintances and complete strangers; commenting on some a lot, some a little and some never. And always smiling when we receive a post on our own blog.

I love how blogs could be looked at as conversations. I see this in my husbands profession. He's a consultant; he writes code and belongs to a somewhat small technical community where they write and comment on blogs a lot! When someone comments, the author will often reply back with another comment aimed at that first commentor in this way: @ Bob (who whoever the commenter was): blah blah blah. I've read his blogs and always liked how the commenter then becomes part of the blog, not just a random person who posted a few lines. I love how the "I'm listening" then creates "Thanks for listening; I heard what you said also."

I do think it's funny that sometimes it's so difficult for all of us to comment on other people's blogs. I am exactly the same way. I mostly comment on blogs that belong to people I know. Rarely do I comment on a complete strangers' blog! Heck, the one reason I felt comfy to comment on your blog was that I was "introduced" by a common friend and I bought some of your jewelry, so really you weren't a *complete* stranger. If folks didn't want comments, either they wouldn't blog or they'd find a way to remove the "comments" button from the blog. It's funny to me that we love getting comments on our own blogs but are sometimes fearful or too shy to comment on others. I have only a handful of people who comment on my blog and each time I get the notification, I get happy! In a way it validates all the work I do to write posts and add pictures. And when I've put up a post that I think was especially fun, clever, etc. (and yeah, for the most part they're probably pretty mediocre but a picture of a cute baby thrown in for good measure) and no-one comments, I am left wondering why.


Hi Nikole,
I don't even know you and I comment on your and John's blogs all the time. sometimes I have wondered if you guys are like "who the hell is that woman?!" or if John hollers across the house "hey Nikole, some stranger from the blog suggested gripewater. do you know what gripewater is?" and then I imagine your faint tired voice answering from 3 rooms away "yes" and john's again: "does it work?"
you: "nope!"...
but I just have to throw my 2 cents in or LOL at whatever story you have shared. I feel a strange intimacy with you guys, having accidentally stumbled upon your blog when I was just barely pregnant with my 2nd child. This would have been last May (07). I was doing what so many of us who have had losses do and searching the internet for hope and a reason to believe that the statistics wouldn't fall on me again (I lost my first pregnancy and mercifully it was my only loss but it was extremely devastating and it caused me to question everything that I FIRMLY believed in). I think I had used some kind of foot cream (TMI? LOL) that is category C or something and I was in an insomniac early pregnancy panic about what I had done to the baby in order to cure my atheletes foot. I was googling for ways to find out exactly how much substance can be absorbed through the sole of the foot. I read wordy meaningless scientific abstracts which basically all said the same thing - they didn't know. I even paid $20 and asked some "dr" online who gave me an equally meaningless answer. Then somehow I found your blog. I became very interested and started following your long and arduous journey. All the while I felt a tad guilty because I was reading your blog while I suffered horrendous "morning" sickness (at midnight). I emailed you when I first found the blog, you replied and I kept reading. I felt very voyeuristic...peeping at your Etsy stuff, reading your husband's blog (if you don't update yours I check to see if he did), knowing all your personal pain. I was here, cheering for you all the while. and when you got pregnant with what would become Thea, I had this really really good feeling that this was it for you. Once you made it through a few weeks, I posted that I thought it was a girl...all as though I know you at all!! and I don't! But I have come to care for you and your husband, total strangers to me...and to admire your strength more than you know. You are fantastic people and Thea is a lucky baby. My baby, Amanda, was born in January 08. you were right behind me. We shared our pregnancy journey together. You there in lovely wherever you are on the east-ish coast and me out here in California.
so I AM listening. and responding. at length. =)
So blog on friend. you inspire me.


I'm listening!

Emily B

I just wanted to let you know that I read your blog (and John's) faithfully. I truly enjoy your writing. The pictures of Thea and all of you (including Rilo!) are beautiful. Thank you for sharing your life. You are an inspiration.


Delurking to say "I'm Listening". Oh and Thea is so beautiful!


Nicole...I have followed your blog since before you were pregnant with Thea, and continue to "lurk" now that you have your beautiful daughter. I read your blog with amazing frequency and felt so emotionally connected with everything that you were experiencing. I often found myself silently crying or laughing out loud, all the while not personally knowing you. I want to thank you for sharing yourself with me, and the world. My daughter, Avery, was born a few weeks after Thea and I have enjoyed going through this with you, although anonymously.


delurking to say - I am listening too. Followed your story for quite some time - having had 6 losses myself with my 7th pregnancy producing a daughter. I have so much to write - yet lack the courage to get out there... Will try to follow this direction and comment more. :-)


Delurking to say "I am listening."


I think I fall into the category of someone who feels their comments would pale in comparison to your posts. :) ... probably under-estimating myself as usual.

I really enjoy your writing, and love reading updates on Thea! I started reading your blog some time ago while I was struggling to conceive my now 7 week old son, Zachary.

I'm also a fan of Richmond! I grew up there, and my entire family is still there (while I'm out here on the west coast now).

Thank you for sharing your life!


I am definitely listening, and your most recent posts in particular have moved me deeply. I often feel that there's so much to say that I don't know where to start and so I take it away and mull it over and never get around to telling you how much you have affected me.

I feel that I've drifted away from being open and vulnerable on my blog and in many aspects of my life. I want to get back there and unload more of the pointless shame and fear that still lurks under the surface. You are a tremendous inspiration, especially as I prepare to follow you into the adventure of motherhood.

Much love always!


I hope to be listening to your wise and inspirational words for a long time to come.


I found your blog while I was searching for support while grieve the loss of my twins. Once I began reading I found that you had so much strength and courage to continue trying for another child. I thought if you could do it after all you've been through, I could do it too. I have followed your entire pregnancy with Miss Thea learning from all you have overcome. I am now expecting again and am looking foward to successful pregnancy. I just wanted you to know how much you've helped me even though you don't know me. So my dear, I am listening.


This is a great call to action! I'm a huge lurker as well, so here I am to say: Congratulations on your beautiful baby and the long journey to find her. And, hello from a W&M classmate! ;)


Thanks for reminding me why I blog. It is a conversation. In fact, I find my best posts start out at emails to friends who have asked how I'm doing.
Thanks for sharing your journey and reading about mine too.


I am listening and have been :-) You have no idea who I am because I can't manage to keep a blog, but I love reading yours and others out there, and I feel a strong connection that keeps me reading. Being able to read blogs of people walking down similar paths has truly changed my life. I don't comment unless I feel that I have something meaningful to add, but now that you made me think about it, I realize it is a great idea to at least make it known that I am on this end, listening.


I'm listening... Your blog was one of those that inspired me to start my own, yet for some reason - I can't seem to bring myself to type out my thoughts/feelings/etc, instead opting to just post pictures and generic "safe" updates.

I hope I can bring myself to change that someday.

Dawn Anderson

I too am listening :)


Hi Nikole-i'm here, and i hear you! xoxe


I blog and read blogs to vent and listen, too - and your blog is so well-written and honest. Congrats on the baby, too. Gorgeous.

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