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August 26, 2008



Thea's a great marketer! We HEART ART180!!!!


Sounds like a really great organization! I love art and love to dabble. I think I must have been or will be (in a former or future life) an artist - art fascinates me; I love to touch it (I must drive the security guards at museums nuts as I lean really close to each piece). I think exposing kids to art is such a valuable part of childhood, one that they will take with them as they grow older. I still think back with fond, fond memories to my childhood art lessons and hope to pass that along to Ava one day.

When my computer is fixed and I have a few spare moments, I will download and be creative and send in my $10!


We just got our mailer, and with a spokesmodel like that? We're IN!

Great, great cause. :)
(And darling literature holder!)

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