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November 11, 2008



politics are very hard for me. I feel very passionately about things. I understand how the different walks of life bring us to different passions in the circles of politics. But its hard for me to reconcile differences too. My hubby and I don't agree on some things. Its hard for me to reconcile alot of things where politics are concerned. Its painful for me. And yet, politics make up our society and always have. They have been around forever.
Amanda just got up. damnit.
But I am all in for the listing and healing!!! and the unity!!


Beautiful post, Nikole. I honestly couldn't get 100% behind either candidate this go-round, and that resulted in me taking the attacks on both personally (messed up, yes). I'm all up for healing, uniting, focusing on the positive, etc.


What a lovely, lovely post, Nikole!

You know what? Did you know that you and I actually hold varied political perspectives?

If it helps, I can honestly say I am not saddened irreparably by John McCain's loss. [I still believe him a very great man, passionate about our country, and more in-synch with my personal politics of less government intervention and more personal responsibility...especially when it comes to caring for those impacted by poverty], but I sincerely believe as Americans we ALL win when our system works, when we all talk about and explore our viewpoints more thoroughly.

Certainly we should all be pleased that long-standing, (and mortifyingly embarrassing) barriers have at long last been brought down. [Even though skin color is such a superficial aspect, I SO hope President-Elect Obama's election will contribute to much-needed healing for our nation.]

Maybe I am naive, but I did not feel the "anger" and divisiveness to the degree the media nurtured it. Ultimately, I think the bulk of the political discussion was based on genuine caring and love of our country and her (and why is a country always a woman?) people...we all have our heartfelt beliefs on what is best for the future and how it is best accomplished...and that is a GOOD thing!

We have all good cause for optimism. :) Posts like yours evidence it!

[Thank you for letting me ramble...communication will help bridge any gaps...I'm confident!]

Love you!

erin taylor

Nikole, how very deep..I always enjoy reading your posts especially the ones like this with sage, simple advice. I'm in, and I hope that the thoughts and feelings written in this post will also resonate with everyone else...



"I catch myself forgetting that not everyone else is just like me," too. nodding along.or that deep inside i sometimes wish we did all agree on certain issues...thanks for gentle reminders of the power of listening and understanding.


Just wanted to send you a little message of thanks. I ordered a necklace from you in May 2007. You and I had similar stories and I really got a lot from your blog. I occasionally check in on your new blog and am so happy your baby arrived safely into the world. I just gave birth to twin girls 3 weeks ago and wore your necklace during every fertility appointment. It just reminded me to believe that all things were possible. Thanks again.
Erin Wales

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