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January 12, 2009



I am grateful for the hope that a new year brings (now that I'm not sick anymore! :) ).


I am grateful for early mornings at the gym with friends.

I am grateful for long walks around the lake.

I am grateful for the short nap I was able to take this afternoon.

I am grateful for pea-smeared baby kisses before tubby time.

I am grateful for a husband who sits on the phone trying to find me a new neurologist and constantly tells me how much he loves me and how he wouldn't choose another if he had the choice.

PS. I love your photo of the dried flower. Very nice!


I'm grateful for lovely emails like yours. Thank you.

I'm grateful for the internet, where I can make connections, even if I am sitting at home taking care of my kids.

I am grateful for my son finally almost being potty trained.

I am grateful for wonderful challenges like the portfolio project that can help me focus my energies.

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