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February 17, 2009



beautiful. the picture and the thoughts. I had a rough morning too. and I too beat myself up. and then after I forgave myself the obtuse people around me proceeded to beat me up. LOL

thanks. that made me think...and smile.


I love that little nugget of wisdom. It has been guiding me for the past year. I've found that technique (taking a new moment to change how I feel) has worked in my journeys to feel happier and calmer. It took a lot of practice at first, but I can say it got so much easier over time. For me, though, the harder part is to snap out of the bad stuff...sometimes I let myself fester in some angry or impatient bits for an hour too long, you know? I'd like to be quicker at losing the negative. Works in progress!


A lovely reminder - thanks Nikole. We've been in "used car hell" this week - so close to finding something in our meager price range & twice they've gone away just as we've gotten things lined up. My lesson today is that it's not urgent & not worth getting super stressed about. I can let my stress melt away right now, right? Off to feed a cute baby who is blowing raspberries! Beautiful photo, by the way!

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