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March 02, 2009



Oh I so love having a husband that grocery shops and cooks, too!

And the long last the snow....

I had the evil bug last week, too...and share in the joy of wellness...and good friends!

See you Thursday!


10 months already????!!! They do grow fast, don't they?

Yesterday I was grateful for a baby who learns to enjoy her toys a bit more with every passing day. That means I have a bit more time for myself!!!!!


Look at Thea the snowbunny!

E. likes snow in the abstract. The IDEA of snow. Pretty snow out the window. "Snow!" she says, so happily.

But all that turned to ruin when we actually went outside and got her boots near it. DISASTER! Tears! Despair!

Can't believe little Thea is 10 months old.

Oh, hey. Just reconnected with an old friend who keeps a great blog at
and also writes a column at Babycenter:
I think you (and your readers) would like both. She's a great writer and thinks smartly about raising a family, creatively and concertedly, in this time and place.


I am grateful for a husband with eternal patience for me when I'm frustrated, and for induction dates that are only two weeks away... (the 16th!).

You and T are cute!!

erin barlow rider

You look so good! And veyr thin I must can see it in your face! Great picture of you both!!!


silly me didn't know about this blog. I am grateful I visited today and that I have two beauties in a photo to make me smile and a reminder to be grateful:)

I am grateful as well for my boy-who turns 4 today!


I'm grateful my little guy is starting to walk- what fun it is to see him teetering and wobbling around!

I'm grateful for my son's laugh- is there a funner sound in the universe?

Glad you are getting to bed early, I've been doing this for several months now (head to bed by 8:30-9) and it really works.

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