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September 29, 2009



Thank you for this quote. I find too often it's the bad little things that I fixate on and that cause me unnecessary stress (something I can physically feel these days and certainly don't need). What most people don't realize that for every bad little thing, there are probably many little things that are good and worth stopping to observe.

Everyday Ava says things that I find myself repeating and smiling at later in the day. "Mama carry the moon" - a recent request that I've tried best to fulfill (tho unsuccessfully) but it's knowing that just a mama hug and kiss later is all she really wants - and all that makes her happy! (That and mama's yogurt!)

That keeps me going.


what a great quote! nice to see you back here :)
its so true isnt it. i especially try and recenter during the early morning hours when L has woken up for the 5th time. I snuggle her a little closer and think that some day this will all be a memory. The now is what's most important even at 2am.

the quote that keeps me going these days is something that can be applied to all areas of my life
'be the change you want to see in the world'

hope to see you soon!


oh and i love that photograph so much!!!


The quote that gets me through is really, really long, but I love it. It's from Karen Maezen Miller's "Momma Zen": My girl was a big girl, her own girl, with her own loves and her own life. I was a spectator but the show was splendid, and I still had the best seat in the house. If I was forever looking forward or lingering too much looking backward, I would miss too much of it. I would miss it all." In the afternoons when my nap-challenged son awakens way too early, which have been many in recent weeks, I'll go in and hold him and soothe him and he falls back asleep. I can't seem to put him down without him awakening. So there I am, sitting in the darkened room, holding my son and feeling a little impatient as I think of the people who get so much more done during their days. I even imagine how much "easier" life might be in a few years when Jack is older. But my thoughts always go back to that quote and I look at Jack's sleeping face and I am actually there for a second -- in the moment.


Such a precious picture (I know that slide!) and such wise, wise words.

Some words that always help me are "You can never change anyone, and you may not be able to change your situation, but you have the freeing power to change your perspective on both."

(Thinking of you with love today...and often...but particularly today.)

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