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September 20, 2009



so does she seem better having eliminated all those things? that's a helluva list!!! I would have been totally overwhelmed. Can you imagine if you had her in daycare?! LOL

I'm sure she'll outgrow the vast majority of those.

has the allergist given you any hint about what the heck may be going on?


That is a long list. How's it going with the egg challenge? T is allergic to egg and I'd like to try him on it again sometime.

I might have to try your recipe - I love quinoa and have not been feeling very inspired for cooking lately.


That is very similar to our favorite quinoa recipie, except we add lemon zest, edamame and chopped roasted peppers. Totally love it!! Although I can't imagine my toddler eating it. So sorry to hear of the long list of allergens. You are a fabulous mama for nursing her so long, it has certainly kept her nourished in the best way with her allergies. My toddler Cole weaned a few months ago, at 18m. Maybe fall foods will give you some better choices, like winter squashes.


wow - that is a long list!

I love quinoa, though, and that recipe sounds pretty good.


I lurk without commenting. I am that kind of girl. But I had to come out to say that list is daunting and your dedication to Thea is amazing.

Parenting is hard. And awesome. And I wouldn't trade it. I know you wouldn't, either. xo


Have you looked into NAET treatment? http://www.naet.com/

I had NAET treatment some years back. It was interesting and helped me some. It also helped me understand my sensitivities more through the muscle testing and groupings of items. The mineral group included onions I think, as well as metals. There was a chicken-egg-feather group that also included antibiotics. It is a painless treatment.

What about additional b-vitamins and D to help build a stronger intestinal lining?

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